Trip Chairs

Leadership Program for JDC Entwine Insider Trips

Entwine’s trip chairs are leaders on Insider Trips who help drive trip-based learning, group dynamics and post-trip assiyah (action). As ambassadors of JDC Entwine, Trip Chairs are empowered and equipped to use Entwine’s Insider Trips as a vehicle for developing their leadership skills. Trip Chairs help fellow participants have a more meaningful experience abroad and bring awareness of global Jewish causes to their local communities. 

The Trip Chairs program is supported in part by Genesis Philanthropy Group. 


  • Alumni of Entwine overseas experiences who are committed to improving the Entwine trip experience, have demonstrated post-trip assiyah (action) and are seeking a leadership role within the Jewish community.  
  • Friendly, personable and are interested in connecting and bringing people together. 
  • Comfortable sharing their Entwine story and facilitating on-the-ground educational content. 


  • As role modelsTrip Chairs share their personal Entwine story and guide participants in their post-trip journey.  
  • As facilitatorsTrip Chairlead two reflection sessions, two informal group building activities and one post-trip activity. 
  • As cohort buildersTrip Chairs support recruitment efforts, have one-on-one conversations with all participants during the trip, foster positive group dynamics, and foster excitement for post-trip projects. 
  • As user advocatesTrip Chairs provide feedback on the itinerary, check-in with Group Leaders daily as thought partners, and provide feedback following the trip experience. 


JDC Entwine supports Trip Chairs personal and professional development as lay leaders by providing them with: 

  • Opportunities to engage in relevant issues related to the global Jewish community. 
  • Financial support in participating in the overseas trip experience (Trip Chairs receive a 30% discount on their trip participation fee). 
  • Skills-based training (one virtual learning retreat). 
  • Coaching from an Entwine staff member (at least two calls before the trip and one following). 
  • A network of lay leaders committed to global Jewish causes. 

*Note: This opportunity is open to alumni who are not participating in another JDC Entwine leadership program during the same calendar year (ex: Jewish Service Corps, Community Reps, etc.). Please contact us at if you have questions.