The Ralph I. Goldman Fellowship


The Ralph I. Goldman Fellowship in Global Jewish Leadership (RIG) is JDC’s premier leadership opportunity, awarded to one person annually, for rising professionals or lay leaders in the Jewish community, young thinkers and doers from all fields — policy makers, writers, business innovators, artists, and community builders. 

The Fellowship enriches a rising leader through direct exposure to local communities around the world and key challenges confronting the Jewish people. Fellows plan their year alongside senior JDC staff, identifying and designing 2-3 unique overseas placements shaped by their skills, interests and the critical needs of communities abroad.

This is a paid, professional opportunity for an exceptional young leader who is committed to impacting the global Jewish world. RIG Fellows receive a receive a generous stipend and benefits package, including health insurance.

Please note that while many countries have relaxed COVID-related entry requirements, international placements are subject to JDC guidance and approval.

who was ralph i. goldman?

Ralph I. Goldman (1914-2014) was JDC’s beloved Honorary Executive-Vice President, a builder of the State of Israel, and a global Jewish leader whose historic investments in Jewish life worldwide have ensured a strong, vibrant Jewish future for generations to come.

There is a single Jewish world: intertwined, interconnected



We seek passionate and rising young leaders, who have experience as professionals or lay leaders in the Jewish community, and who care deeply about the global Jewish world and are committed to making it a better place.


The 2024 RIG Fellowship begins in January 2024 with an orientation and 2-3 placements with JDC Departments and short-term travel opportunities or conferences. International placements will be contingent on JDC approval based on entry requirements. The Fellowship will conclude in December 2024.

JDC works in over 70 countries around the world. RIG placements are based on an individual fellow’s strengths, background and preferences. Previously, RIG Fellows have served in locations including Georgia, Ethiopia, India, Israel, Hungary, Nepal and Ukraine. Typically, RIG Fellows will serve in two or three different country assignments during the fellowship year.

Please note that while many countries have relaxed COVID-related entry requirements, international placements are subject to JDC guidance and approval.


  • Professional achievement in the candidate’s chosen career.
  • Rising leader in the Jewish community, either as a professional or lay leader.
  • Demonstrated exceptional leadership and communication skills.
  • Strong interest in international Jewish affairs and public service.
  • Knowledge of foreign language(s) is a plus but not a requirement.
  • Formal and/or informal Jewish education is a plus but not a requirement.
  • Bachelor’s degree and proven academic excellence. Master’s degree a plus but not a requirement.


Current RIG Fellow



My work is characterized by a commitment to inclusivity, a strategic approach to project management, and a track record of fostering collaborative relationships that bridge cultural divides.

About Dominika

Dominika is a professional manager and educator, passionate about coordinating social projects in an intercultural and international environment. Her area of focus is countering bias and helping to develop a dialogue between people from diverse backgrounds. Born and raised in Poland, she is dedicated to supporting the revival of Jewish Life in Central and Eastern Europe and advocating for minority rights.

Academically, she holds an MA in Jewish Nonprofit Management from Hebrew Union College (2023), complemented by MAs in Social Psychology (2015) and Education (2013), along with a PhD in Social Sciences (2018) from the Pedagogical University in Warsaw. As an author of various academic publications, Dominika’s focus revolves around understanding intergroup relations and the social perception of minorities.

Professionally, for over a decade Dominika had merged her work in the Jewish community with an academic career, serving as an Assistant Professor at the M. Grzegorzewska University in Warsaw. After several years of fostering the growth of the local Jewish communities as an Educator, Project manager, and Executive director, she was appointed as a Vice-Chair for Communications at the EUPJ Management Committee.

Awards and honors enriching her journey include in recent years, Pedagogies of Peoplehood Research Fellowship from M2 The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education (2023), Fulbright Slavic Award (2022), WUJS Scholarship (2021), Yesod Europe Jewish Professional Development Fund Grant (2021), Scholar in Residence position at the Oxford Summer Institute for the Development of Curriculum in Critical Contemporary Antisemitism Studies (2019), and Klal Yisrael Fellowship from the URJ (2017/18).

2023 RIG Fellow


Getaneh Abebe

I am looking forward to the first-hand opportunity to work toward humanitarian aid, which is my field of study and my biggest passion.

About Beza

Bezawit Getaneh Abebe (Beza) was born in Yabello, Ethiopia. She grew up in Hawassa and received her LLB from Hawassa University, Ethiopia. She did an internship at Ethiopian Human Rights Council, where she assisted survivors of human rights violations. In 2009, she moved to Israel, where for the last ten years, she worked in Legal and Educational philanthropic organizations that strive for the equality of the Ethiopian Israeli community. She worked at Tebeka, advocating for the Ethiopian community’s Human Rights, where she was lecturing Israeli law all over Israel. Beza holds a SJD (Doctor of Juridical Science) from Golden Gate University.

2023 RIG Fellow



My core mission is to make a long-lasting social change, in multicultural environments. Excited to step out of my comfort zone, into the international arena, to be an agent of change.

About Ronnie

Ronnie-Lee Sneh is a certified Social Worker and an MA in International Community Development. She has volunteered and worked in the humanitarian field in Uganda and Israel, where she gained insights into excluded communities like refugees and people living in poverty. Ronnie founded Street Medicine in Israel, provides medical services to people experiencing homelessness. Sneh is a recent graduate of CitiBank Foundation and Presentense’s Entrepreneurship Accelerator. In the past year, Ronnie-Lee directed a dedicated medical team of doctors, medics, and medical students, raised funds and developed partnerships with stakeholders. In her free time, Sneh likes to sew, make miniature models and go to the beach.

2022 RIG Fellow



I’m looking forward to exploring trends which impact contemporary Jewish life all over the world. I’m also excited to travel to new destinations overseas!

About Doron

Doron is a passionate and experienced professional focused on public service and diplomacy. Born and raised in Israel, he incorporates his love for his homeland into his work and scholarship in the international arena. Doron served as the Director of Strategic and Economic Cooperation at the Embassy of Israel to the United States. He graduated from Brandeis University as a Malkin Scholar with a master’s in International Economics and a bachelor’s in Global Studies. Doron has guided Birthright Israel trips and completed internships in Israel, the United States, and China.

2021 RIG Fellow



The experience was incredible from the things I learned, to the people I met, the places I got to see, and the work I was able to partake in. The fluidity, flexibility, and diversity of opportunities was both unique and incredible.

About Sarah

Sarah is a dedicated community builder, enthusiastic global traveler, and passionate storyteller. She received her B.A. Honors in Cultural Anthropology and Global Studies from UC Santa Barbara and her MS in International Relations from the London School of Economics. Sarah is committed to empowering the Jewish future and enhancing Jewish education. She is an avid explorer and enthusiastic foodie, and in her free time is known to eat and photograph her way around the world.

2020 RIG Fellow



I appreciated the Fellowship’s flexibility of allowing me to articulate and grow in ways that I found meaningful.

About Joshua

Josh is active with both local and international organizations focused on education, community building, and health outcomes. Josh holds an MPH, MA and BA from Washington University in St. Louis, and has a PhD in epidemiology from the University of Texas. He conducted field and clinical research in rural communities and with hospital systems. Josh has worked in the private, public and nonprofit sectors and been both a professional and lay Jewish leader. He loves waterskiing, hiking, and learning new languages.

2019 RIG Fellow



It was a truly excellent year. I learned and grew a ton and felt like I had so many independently incredible experiences.

About Jessica

Jessica is an experienced network weaver, educator, community builder, and coach. She has a B.A. in Sociology from Michigan State University and an M.Ed in Higher Education from Loyola University Chicago. Jessica has worked on engaging young adults and served on the boards of Kadima, The Well (founding board member), and Jewish Federation of Metro Detroit. An adventurer at heart, Jessica climbed mountains, backpacked Europe, and yoga retreated.