JDC Entwine Board Committee


The Entwine Committee is composed of multi-generational Board Members who are Entwine’s most passionate advocates.  The Committee represents Entwine on JDC’s Board of Directors and informs Entwine’s resource development strategy.

(Photo Credit: Aviva Klein)

Bill Kahane

Committee Co-chair
Sarasota, FL

Sophie Hearne

Committee Co-chair
Boston, MA

Barry Shrage

Chestnut Hill, MA

Brooke German

New York, NY

Debby Miller

Greensboro, NC

Eve Loecher

San Francisco, CA

Irv Smokler

Boca Raton, FL

Jane Weitzman

Greenwich, CT

Jaynie Schultz

Dallas, TX

Leslie Bider

Beverly Hills, CA

Michele Rosen

Seattle, WA

Mike Barry

Minneapolis, MN

Steve Lieberman

Minneapolis, MN

Tricia Uhlman

Prairie Village, KS