The Global Leadership Initiative (GLI) is an unparalleled, invitation-only leadership program for enterprising young Jews, in their late 20s to 30s to serve on JDC’s Board of Directors.

Through a 2-year board service term, GLI members gain experience and knowledge to become effective lay leaders and advocates for global Jewish issues and JDC.

GLI, founded in 2016, is an initiative of JDC Entwine and seeks to develop a critical mass of young leaders who can make a meaningful contribution and bring fresh perspectives to the organization.

JDC Entwine’s mission is to develop a generation of young Jews who lead a life of action with global Jewish responsibility at its core. We see Jewishness as expansive and it is Entwine’s commitment to engage Jewish leaders across the US who come from diverse backgrounds. You can learn more about Entwine’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging HERE.

GLI includes the following integrated components:

A Training Platform

Learn from JDC’s century of experience and explore current global trends, challenges, interventions and opportunities.

A Leadership Opportunity

Serve on JDC’s Board of Directors for two years.

A Peer Network

Become part of a cohort of talented and highly motivated young leaders.

GLI is limited to leaders invited by nominations only. For any questions, please fill out an inquiry form here.

GLI has been generously supported by Arlene Kaufman and Sandy Baklor. 

A Peer Network

Become part of a cohort of highly educated, networked young leaders committed to global Jewish issues

2020-2021 GLI Cohort

Amanda Stern

Old Greenwich, CT

Jason Levine

Atlanta, GA

Julia Winston

Austin, TX

Laura Dannels

Atlanta, GA

Matthew Greenberg

Houston, TX

Perry Teicher

Brooklyn, NY

William Goldberg

Los Angeles, CA