Meet the Team


We are a global team of passionate, mission-driven young professionals. Meet the team.

Elissa Katz

Resource Development Associate

Andrea Kovalsky

Director of Development

Andrew Belinfante

Director of Engagement

Arezu Hashemi

Southern California Community Manager

Arielle Sokoloff

Deputy Director of Engagement

Gabriel Orduña

Database Specialist

Graham Carpenter

UK Community Manager

Jenette Axelrod

Senior Operations Manager (Latin America & GRID Programs)

Jillian Elbaum

East Coast Community Manager

Rabbi Joshua Mikutis

Jewish Learning Designer

Julia Carter

Special Projects Manager

Leba Faigen

Director of Global Operations

Miriam Bader

Director of Design and Organizational Development

Naomi Levin

Senior Operations Coordinator

Ramy Kaufler

Budget and Data Analyst

Sara Glazer

Senior Director of Strategy and Planning

Shachar Beer

Operations Manager (Israel & FSU Programs)

Shaun Hoffman

Executive Director

Shawna Dolinka

Operations Manager

Tadala Wheeler

Director of Marketing

Tanya Plotkina

Marketing Communications Manager