Trip Chairs

Leadership Program for JDC Entwine Insider Trips

Entwine’s trip chairs are leaders on Insider Trips who help drive trip-based learning, group dynamics and post-trip assiyah (action). As ambassadors of JDC Entwine, Trip Chairs are empowered and equipped to use Entwine’s Insider Trips as a vehicle for developing their leadership skills. Trip Chairs help fellow participants have a more meaningful experience abroad and bring awareness of global Jewish causes to their local communities. This program is open to those who have participated on a previous Entwine global experience. 

Contact [email protected] to express interest in serving as a Trip Chair.


  • Alumni of Entwine overseas experiences who are committed to improving the Entwine trip experience, have demonstrated post-trip assiyah (action) and are seeking a leadership role within the Jewish community.  
  • Friendly, personable and are interested in connecting and bringing people together. 
  • Comfortable sharing their Entwine story and facilitating on-the-ground educational content. 


  • As role modelsTrip Chairs share their personal Entwine story and guide participants in their post-trip journey.  
  • As cohort buildersTrip Chairs support recruitment efforts, have one-on-one conversations with all participants during the trip, foster positive group dynamics, and foster excitement for post-trip projects. 
  • As user advocatesTrip Chairs provide feedback on the itinerary, check-in with Group Leaders daily as thought partners, and provide feedback following the trip experience. 


JDC Entwine supports Trip Chairs personal and professional development as lay leaders by providing them with: 

  • Opportunities to engage in relevant issues related to the global Jewish community. 
  • Financial support in participating in the overseas trip experience (Trip Chairs receive a 30% discount on their trip participation fee). 
  • Skills-based training (one virtual learning retreat). 
  • Coaching from an Entwine staff member (at least two calls before the trip and one following). 
  • A network of lay leaders committed to global Jewish causes. 


  • What is the time commitment of a Trip Chair?
    • Pre-Trip: Trip Chairs participate in a 2 hour virtual training and a 1 hour meeting with Entwine Group Leaders
    • During the Trip: in addition to participation in the trip, Trip Chairs will meet daily with Group Leaders during breaks
    • Post-Trip: Trip Chairs will organize a 1 hour virtual post-trip reunion and engage in post-trip assiyah
  • Do I need to be an expert on the location or community we will be visiting? Trip Chairs are not expected to be experts on JDC or the location visiting- Trip Chairs have the opportunity to visit and learn about a new community alongside the group. Trip Chairs are expected to speak knowledgeably about the basics of JDC and Entwine, drawing from their experience(s) on prior Entwine overseas trips as well as involvement with their local Entwine Community.  
  • Can I be a Trip Chair on more than one trip? The role of Trip Chair is a unique leadership opportunity and preference will be given to those who have not yet had the opportunity to take on this role.    
  • Can I participate in multiple Entwine leadership programs at at time? This opportunity is open to alumni who are not participation in another JDC Entwine leadership program at the same time (ex: Jewish Service Corps, Community Reps, etc.)

*Please contact us at [email protected] if you have questions