Global Shabbat Rituals


Review Shabbat Rituals

If you’re interested in talking through or practicing any rituals/blessings, contact us at to get connected to a volunteer Entwine alumni Shabbat coach.

Here’s a video review of how to sing the blessings for:

  1. Candlelighting
  2. Wine
  3. Challah

The Hebrew in this video is the same as what you’ve got on the Blessings Cards in your Toolkit. Feel free to speak instead of sing, too!

Additional blessings and songs you may wish to add:

  1. A longer version of the blessing over wine. Review and print.
  2. The blessing for handwashing before you say the challah blessing. Review and print.
  3. A short blessing after meals. You can print and sing Brich Rachmana to the tune of “Sanctuary.”
  4. “Shalom Aleichem,” a song to welcome the angels before you begin your blessings. Review and print.

Additional videos you might like:

  1. Want to learn to sign the blessings in ASL?
    1. Candlelighting
    2. Wine
    3. Challah
  2. Want to see other video demos?
    1. Candlelighting video demo*, with the spoken blessing
    2. Challah: video demo*, with the spoken blessing:

*The video demos are narrated by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks (who is also on JDC’s International Council).

If you seek other versions of the Shabbat table blessings to approach issues of gender and/or the Divine differently, you may wish to check out