Our Trips: Young Professionals

Our Insider Trips for young professionals are exclusively for post-college Jewish young adults, and are designed with an eye towards the interests of this specific demographic.

They are dynamic and sophisticated, for the globally-minded, where the diversity of the group is essential to the experience.

Some of these trips are service-based, featuring up to five hours per day of volunteer work to meet needs in international communities. Others focus more heavily on issue-based learning.

Each of our trips offer a unique opportunity to understand and impact global Jewish and humanitarian challenges around the world.

Check out our 2017 calendar here!

Inside Jewish Morocco May 2017

Inside Nepal 2017: The Stephen and Sheila Lieberman Global Leaders Trip

Inside Jewish Estonia & Finland 2017

Applications are now being accepted.

Inside Jewish Argentina 2017 - HUC-JIR

Inside Israel 2017: Eugene J. Ribakoff Fellowship In Leadership & Philanthropy

Applications are now being accepted.

Inside Jewish Georgia & Azerbaijan 2017

Inside Jewish Latin America 2017

Inside Jewish India 2017: Los Angeles Area Young Professionals

Inside Rwanda 2017

Inside Jewish Cuba 2017

Inside Jewish Ukraine 2017: Frances C. Eizenstat Fellowship in International Jewish Service

Inside Jewish Russia

Inside Jewish Argentina & Uruguay 2017: LGBTQ Leadership

Inside Ethiopia 2017

Inside Jewish Morocco November 2017

Inside Jewish Turkey December 2017

Inside Jewish China 2017

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