Serve with the World’s Leading Jewish Humanitarian Aid Organization

The Global Jewish Service Corps (JSC) is a year-long, paid opportunity for Jewish young professionals to volunteer overseas with JDC, the world's leading Jewish humanitarian organization.

Responding to international Jewish and humanitarian needs, JSC fellows facilitate and create innovative programs using their unique skills and talents.

Currently, fellows are serving in locations like Argentina, China, Estonia, Ethiopia, Germany, Haiti, India, Israel, Latvia, Poland, Rwanda, Turkey and Ukraine.

Apply if you: 

  • Have an interest in global Jewish issues and international humanitarian needs 
  • Have experience in formal/informal education or international development 
  • Want an opportunity to be a part of a community of young, Jewish volunteers, from all over the world

Qualifications of an applicant:

  • College degree or equivalent and proven academic achievement 
  • Strong leadership, communication skills, and capacity for independent work
  • Knowledge of other languages is valuable in many placements

The Global Jewish Service Corps is open to young Jewish professionals all over the world!

The application period for the 2015-16 cohort is now closed. 

Unable to serve for a year? We have opportunities spanning four to eight weeks around the world. Check out our multi-week program!

Our 2014-15 cohort was just in NYC for orientation! See how they spent their week.

Jesse Berkowitz

Placement: Jerusalem, Israel at the Center for International Migration and Integration

As an Entwine Global Jewish Service Corps Fellow, Jesse is serving at the Center for International Migration and Integration (CIMI) in Israel. CIMI facilitates effective migration management through knowledge exchange, capacity-building and technical assistance to government and non-governmental agencies.

Jesse graduated with an M.A. in migration studies from Tel Aviv University and received a B.A. in Biology at The College of Wooster, in Wooster, Ohio and studied abroad in Madagascar in 2010. Jesse spent summers working at farms, farmers’ markets, an etymology lab, and a landscape design company.

In 2012, Jesse spent a year volunteering teaching English in a public elementary school in Rehovot, Israel. In Israel, Jesse became interested in the issue of global migration and chose to pursue the subject academically, transitioning from the field of science to that of social sciences. Through his studies, volunteering as an English Teacher at the African Refugee Development Center in Tel Aviv, as well as his internship with the workers’ rights organization Kav LaOved, Jesse has become interested in the issues of migrants’ rights, labor migrants, asylum seekers and refugees.

Alan Brody

Placement: ASYV, Rwanda

Alan is serving with three other Jewish Service Corps Fellows at Agahozo Shalom Youth Village (ASYV) in Rwanda, which enables vulnerable youth to realize their maximum potential by providing them with a safe and secure living environment, health care, education and necessary life skills.

Alan received his B.A. degree in music and physics from the University of Virginia in December 2013. He studied Spanish and Hebrew language, African music, and Latin dance at UVA.

Alan served on the staff of the Jewish Reconstructionist Federation’s (JRF) summer camp and was honored to receive the Foundation for Jewish Camps’ Cornerstone Fellowship. Alan also received the UVA Arts Award, which supported his proposal to bring African music and music technology to students in Charlottesville and volunteered at the International Rescue Committee’s “New Roots” program, where Alan helped immigrants develop healthy eating habits. Additionally, Alan lived in Bogota, Colombia as a volunteer at the Life and Leadership Foundation. Having studied jazz, marching, African, Indian, and Colombian percussion for the past 13 years, Alan is a committed life-long learner and ethnomusicologist.

Check out his blog: Alan@ASYV

Max Daniel

Placement: Kishinev, Moldova

Max is serving as an Entwine Global Jewish Service Corps Fellow in Kishinev, Moldova, working closely with the Jewish community to enrich Jewish life.

Max is from Morton Grove, Illinois, and graduated from List College, the joint program with Columbia University and the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City, where he pursued two B.A. degrees: American studies and Jewish literature. Max was part of the Fellows Program at JTS, where he wrote his honors thesis on the representation of Sephardic Jews in Ashkenazi literature.

At Columbia, Max was editor-in-chief of The Current, a student-run journal of contemporary politics, culture, and Jewish affairs. Off campus, Max has also written for Jewcy and New Voices. Max interned at the Books and Music department of the Union for Reform Judaism, working on and editing book manuscripts and educational materials. He also participated in the Lipper Internship Program at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York, leading tours and educating local public school students about Jewish life and the Holocaust. Max has also spent a summer in an intensive Yiddish language and culture program at the Yiddish Book Center in Amherst, Massachusetts, and was president of Columbia/Barnard’s Yiddish Club. He enjoys reading, writing, playing guitar, record collecting, and attending concerts and comedy shows.

Check out his blog: Bessarabian Nights

Gwen Diamond

Placement: Eshel, JDC’s Association for Planning and Development of Services for the Elderly in Israel

As an Entwine Global Jewish Service Corps Fellow, Gwen is working at JDC-Eshel in Israel, helping develop innovative approaches to addressing the issues faced by Israel's elderly population.

Gwen graduated from the University of California San Diego with a B.A. in sociocultural anthropology and minors in theater and environmental studies. As an anthropology student, she completed an undergraduate honors thesis on pilgrimage and national parks in the United States in relationship to cultural representation, ideals, and individual experience.

During her studies, Gwen was involved with the Jewish community and in bringing sustainability and ethical food to campus with the UCSD Food Co-op. After graduating she spent a year in Israel as a MASA Israel Teaching Fellow in Beit Sefer Shimoni in Petach Tikvah and interning with the Parents Circle Families Forum in Ramat Ef’al. Upon her return to California she began working with Outer Aisle Foods in pursuit of ethical food and community growth and has taken an active role in her local Jewish community leading services and teaching Hebrew school.

Kimberly Dueñas

Placement: Mumbai, India

Kimberly Dueñas is working as an Entwine Global JSC Fellow in Mumbai, India where she is serving in at the Jewish Community Center. She is organizing programs for all ages and working closely with the youth group to develop their leadership programs. Kimberly recently graduated from American Jewish University with a Bachelor's in Psychology and Literature, Communication and Media. Throughout her college career she was actively involved in student leadership and implemented social justice programming, such as Hunger Awareness Week and Human Rights Week on her campus. In one of her latest projects, she connected with the Jewish community in El Salvador, where her father's family originates. Her work abroad and at home has prompted her to pursue a future in Jewish community building around the world.

Check out her blog:

Hannah Gaventa

Placement: Manila, Philippines

Hannah is serving as an Entwine-Pears Global Jewish Service Corps Fellow in Manila, Philippines, where she is supporting JDC’s ongoing Typhoon Haiyan recovery and rebuilding efforts — developed in consultation with local authorities, the Filipino Jewish community, and JDC’s global partners.

Hannah obtained a B.S. in biomedical sciences at Kings College London and was elected the Vice President of the London Jewish Society as well as being the Treasurer for the Kings College London Interfaith Network.

Hannah was Tzedek's Education Officer, working to educate the UK Jewish community about global issues, managing the school twinning program and coordinating the summer volunteer program, Go Global. Hannah lived in Northern Ghana for 5 months in 2012 working with Tzedek's sustainable development projects. Hannah is a Rene Cassin Human Rights Fellow and the co-chair of YADS (Young Adult Development Scheme) for Limmud Conference UK 2013, recruiting and managing 200 young volunteers. Hannah was also a resident of Moishe House London, working to create a pluralist Jewish community in London and coordinating seven programs a month with her housemates. Hannah is passionate about interfaith, international development and human rights and loves traveling and meeting new people.

Check out her blog: Jewish in a Multicultural World

Elizabeth Haifetz

Placement: Tbilisi, Georgia

Elizabeth is serving as an Entwine JDC-BBYO Global Jewish Service Corps Fellow in Tbilisi, Georgia. She is working in the Jewish community on renewal activities focusing on Jewish youth leadership development programming.

Elizabeth Heifetz is a first generation American fluent in Russian, French, and Spanish. She was born in New York City and grew up in Newport News, VA. Elizabeth completed a B.A. in French and foreign affairs with a minor in history at University of Virginia. During her third year at UVA, Elizabeth studied abroad in France at the Sciences Po, and interned at the U.S Consulate in Lyon.

Elizabeth has also studied piano for close to 15 years, performing in different competitions, concerts and attending various music camps and festivals. In addition to her love for the piano and traveling, she wrote for her school newspaper and worked as a French tutor in the UVA Academic Affairs Department. Over the years she has had various internship and work experiences in journalism, legal research, and teaching. She has also been a regular volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and works closely with SACH, the Israeli-based international humanitarian project dedicated to providing cardiac surgery for children.

Liora Jaffe

Placement: Berlin, Germany

Liora Jaffe is serving as an Entwine Global JSC Fellow in Berlin and Duisburg. In Berlin she is working at JDC's Bambinim Family Center to develop innovative avenues to engage Jewish young adults in Berlin. In Duisburg she is doing project-related travel to work with smaller Jewish communities outside of Berlin. Liora graduated from University of California, Berkeley in 2013 with dual degrees in Sociology and Legal studies. Liora spent a semester studying abroad in Israel learning Hebrew. For the past year Liora worked in the Student Learning Center on campus tutoring transfer students and students in the disabled student program. In addition Liora spent the last two summers working with a Jewish girls’ empowerment program in San Diego called Girls Give Back through Jewish Family Services.

Read more on her blog:

Luciano (Lulo) Jaimovich

Placement: Shanghai, China

Lulo is serving as an Entwine JDC-BBYO Global Jewish Service Corps Fellow in Shanghai, China, where he is developing innovative Jewish educational experiences and deepening the impact of Jewish youth leadership programs.

Lulo has been an active member of the Jewish community since the age of 8. He first began attending informal education activities for children in Argentina and was a madrich for five years, In 2001, Lulo became the Director of Informal Education and Recreation Department for Youth at Macabi Córdoba, Argentina. He coordinated the ¨Youth for Peace¨ United Nations program in Cordoba and member of the A.M.I.A. Organization Committee Events (yearly commemoration of the 1994 terrorist attack against the Jewish community of Buenos Aires).

After receiving an M.A. in public and institutional relations in Siglo 21 University in Córdoba, Lulo moved to Buenos Aires in 2008 and assumed as Youth Department Director of the AMIJAI Community to further expand in his area of expertise and passion. He moved with his wife Alejandra to Havana, Cuba as a JDC representative in November 2011.

Justin Kadis

Placement: Krakow, Poland

Justin Kadis is serving in the Entwine Global Jewish Service Corps as a Rosyln Z. Wolf Cleveland-JDC International Fellow in Krakow. He is working to revitalize Jewish life at the Jewish Community Center of Krakow. Additionally, Justin is also assisting with other JDC programming in Warsaw and other parts of Poland. Justin is a 2006 graduate from Boston University with a BSBA concentration in Marketing. He has served on the planning committees for NY Venture Community Sports and the NY Sports Tech Meetup. Justin served on the executive committee and Chaired PresenTense's NYC Community Entrepreneur Partnership. He has served on the NYC gala committee for Friends of the Israel Defense Forces. Justin worked most recently in business development for a Chicago based tech startup called BCKSTGR, a rewards platform for consumers.

Check out his blog:

Katherine Kolios

Placement: ASYV, Rwanda

Katherine is serving with three other Jewish Service Corps Fellows at Agahozo Shalom Youth Village (ASYV) in Rwanda, which enables vulnerable youth to realize their maximum potential by providing them with a safe and secure living environment, health care, education and necessary life skills.

Katherine is from New York and is a graduate of Brandeis University where she earned a dual B.A. in Health: Science, Society, and Policy as well as French and Francophone Studies. She found a way to merge these interests when she conducted an independent study on women’s contraceptive decisions in Morocco her junior year. Katherine continued her work exploring reproductive health back at Brandeis where she earned highest honors for her thesis: Safety is Sexy: A Qualitative Study of College-Aged Women’s Contraceptive Choices.

Upon graduation she set off to French Guiana, an overseas department of France located on the north-eastern coast of South America. There, Katherine worked in one of France’s most high-needs schools to help establish a bilingual track for students to study in Portuguese or English along with French. Her students finished the year with an English exam pass rate 20% higher than the previous year. Upon returning to New York, Katherine worked at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, helping to digitize its education efforts in order to meet youth where they are- online. She is an avid dancer, yogi and appreciator of the outdoors.

Check out her blog: Serial: Rwanda Edition

Alejandra (Allie) Kotliar

Placement: Shanghai, China

Alejandra is serving as an Entwine Global Jewish Service Corps Fellow in Shanghai, bringing creative, educational, and innovative Jewish programs to the region.

Alejandra was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and grew up in Boston until the age of 10. She was immersed in a multicultural context from a young age. Back in her home country Alejandra attended Tarbut, a prestigious Jewish high school and took interest in the fields of social studies and philosophy. She continued her studies in arts and culture studies, convinced that both are essentially linked.

In 2007, Alejandra became Coordinator of the Lincoln University Cultural Study Abroad Program. Her growing concern to bridge the arts into an educational sphere gave room for her experience in 2008 as an elementary teacher in the Spanish Language Learners program at Lincoln School. In 2009, she joined the educational consult group ¨Support Learning¨ and dedicated herself to creating and performing workshops for children and teenagers in the areas of art and literature. Alejandra has a degree in Culture Studies from the UNSAM University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She moved with her husband Lulo to Havana, Cuba as a representative of the JDC in November 2011.

Jordana Kroft

Placement: Tallinn, Estonia

Jordana is serving as an Entwine JDC-BBYO Global Jewish Service Corps fellow in Tallinn, Estonia creating and innovating informal Jewish educational programming and youth leadership programs in Tallinn and throughout the Baltic region.

Jordana graduated from McGill University in Montreal. Inspired by her Jewish summer camp experience, Jordana has taken an active role in the Jewish community. Jordana was a Hebrew school teacher, camp counselor, and leader in Hillel at Montreal. Jordana also interned with Challah for Hunger at McGill. Her fervent love for the organization, quirky demeanor and constant positive attitude is infectious. She has successfully attracted unengaged students into the McGill Jewish community by infusing creativity, humor and fun into every baking session.

Check out her blog: The Baltic Babushka

Hannah Lesser

Placement: Cologne, Germany

Hannah is serving as an Entwine Global Jewish Service Corps Fellow in Cologne, Germany developing programs and educational models to engage the Cologne Jewish community.

Hannah is an innovative Jewish educator and boundary-pushing filmmaker. She received her B.A. in cinema studies and gender, sexuality and feminist studies at Oberlin College. While there, she produced 16 mm experimental films, social commentary documentaries and a multi-video installation meditating on the concept of women's work. Hannah brings her passion for women's empowerment and social change to her work in Jewish education, both formal and informal. She has taught courses about Jewish ritual objects and symbolism, Jewish themes in film, Judaism and social justice, Jewish homesteading and women in Judaism. Combining Hannah's passion for food and social action, she has been a regular volunteer feeding home-bound seniors through the Jewish Family and Children's Services and cooking meals at the Berkeley Men's Shelter. Hannah is a world-traveler and life-long learner filled with curiosity for other cultures.

Following her passion for cooperative living, she volunteered on a kibbutz in Israel, multiple food co-ops in Ohio, and a small cacao farm in Brazil. She recently spent six months on organic farms in Italy learning how to make cheese. Hannah's other great love is helping people to tell their stories through video. She has been involved in numerous documentary and artistic video projects in the Bay Area. In her free time Hannah enjoys making pickles, spending time in nature and building Jewish community.

Jonathan Markowitz

Placement: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Jonathan is serving as an Entwine Global JSC Fellow in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, working with JDC’s Medical Director, Dr. Rick Hodes.

Jonathan attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor where he received a B.S. in neuroscience in May 2014. Jonathan was extremely involved with Hillel, helping to create meaningful Jewish experiences for students on campus. He served on the Hillel’s Governing Board for one year and as the treasurer on its Executive Board for one year. Additionally, he volunteered at the University of Michigan Medical Center in the post-anesthesia care unit as well as the emergency department. In the summer 2013 Jonathan became a certified medic with Magen David Adom and rode the ambulance five days a week in the city of Bat Yam. His involvements and experiences in various organizations have demonstrated that Jonathan strives to be a strong Jewish leader in his community.

Jonathan also spent one year abroad in Israel before college and during his senior year of high school joined a medical and humanitarian mission to Ghana. Jonathan assisted in patients’ pre- and post-operative care and traveled with the surgical team to remote villages to evaluate villagers with various maladies that could be surgically corrected.

Dorit Muskin

Placement: Jerusalem, Israel with JDC-Israel, Ashalim division

As an Entwine Global Jewish Service Corps Fellow, Dorit is working at JDC-Ashalim, developing initiatives for disadvantaged Israeli youth.

Dorit graduated from Stern College for Women where she studied psychology and Jewish studies. While in college, Dorit split her time between the Women’s Fencing Team, the Shabbat Enhancement Committee, and the university housing department where she served as a Resident Advisor.

In her sophomore year, Dorit traveled to Kharkov, Ukraine with the JDC, where she spent two weeks learning about the Jewish community and conducting educational programs for youth and teens. Dorit has taught English in southern Israel and created a soccer team for Israeli girls from underprivileged homes. Dorit is passionate about Jewish education and recently served as a Beit Midrash Fellow at SAR High School in Riverdale, Dorit also lived and volunteered in Israel for a year and half before before college.

Jessica Rosenberg

Placement: Krakow, Poland

Jessica grew up in Great Neck, New York and graduated from Kenyon College in Ohio in 2008 with a B.A. in Philosophy. After graduating, Jessica worked in publishing industry, first at Sterling Publishing and then at Harlequin. While working in that industry, Jessica was active with the Young to Publishing Group and the Publishers' Publicity Association, helping to plan networking and professional events for the organizations. After several years, Jessica transitioned to working in the nonprofit sector and accepted a media relations position at Educational Alliance, a Jewish nonprofit providing social services to the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan. Beyond working at the Alliance, she also began volunteering with many of the agency's programs including Project ORE, a program providing elderly Jews with emergency social services. Jessica is an avid reader, constantly tackling her ever-growing pile of New Yorkers, publications and books. She can be found regularly outside running, at her yoga studio and at the rock climbing gym.

Jessica is serving as an Entwine Global Jewish Service Corps Fellow in Krakow, Poland, working to revitalize Jewish life at the Jewish Community Center of Krakow.

Emma Rosenbluth

Placement: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Emma is serving as an Entwine JDC-BBYO Global JSC Fellow in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she is working on a variety of community development and youth leadership programs.

Emma is originally from Brooklyn, NY and graduated from Tufts University where she double majored in Community Health and Spanish. Emma is passionate about promoting health equity and advocates for health as a human right through her engagement in a number of global health initiatives.

At Tufts, Emma was involved in GlobeMed, Timmy Global Health and also served a three-year term as elected Class Council President. During her junior year, Emma was fortunate to spend a semester abroad in Seville, Spain where she studied Spanish and Latin American literature. Emma assisted in clinical research on motor recovery in stroke patients at the NYU Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine and spent a summer as a volunteer in the Emergency Department of Bellevue Hospital Center. In addition, Emma worked at Partners In Health as a community organizing intern. Emma also has a deep love for coffee and managed the student-run café on campus, working part-time as a barista.

Emma caught the travel bug after going to Argentina with JDC Entwine on a short-term service trip. Although she aspires to be a physician, Emma is eager to take time off before going to medical school to further explore the world and gain hands-on experience in international development.

Ashton Rosin

Placement: Jerusalem, Israel at JDC-Israel’s Disabilities Department

As an Entwine Global Jewish Service Corps Fellow, Ashton is working at JDC-Israel’s Center for Disabilities, developing programs to meet the needs of Israel’s disabled and to advance independent living and integration of people with disabilities into Israeli society.

Ashton graduated from University of California Los Angeles with a major in international development and minor in disability studies. Ashton’s innate desire to seek out those stories that often remain untold brought her to discover and cultivate her passion to promote the human rights of vulnerable populations, whether that be refugees, Holocaust Survivors, or people with disabilities. Ashton volunteered at the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America and served on the organization’s National Council of College Leaders, culminating in the founding of her own support group and piloting of national awareness initiatives. Ashton also spent a semester in Washington D.C. as an intern for the National Council on Independent Living. While working in policy, Ashton spearheaded the organization’s briefings to Congress and advocated for the ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Ashton extended her passion for advocating for vulnerable populations in her work as the director of Bearing Witness, an intergenerational program bringing together UCLA students and Holocaust Survivors over bimonthly lunch sessions to promote greater genocide awareness and also played a role in the Writing Success Program as a writing counselor for students originating from underrepresented communities on campus.

Check out her blog: Living in Context

Rachel Seiger

Placement: Berlin, Germany

Rachel is serving in the Entwine Global Jewish Service Corps as the Rosyln Z. Wolf Cleveland-JDC International Fellow, in Berlin. Rachel is working at JDC’s Bambinim Family Center to engage Jewish babies, children and their families through creative programs and community development projects.

Rachel recently graduated from The Ohio State University with a B. A in theatre and a specialization in movement. During her time at OSU, Rachel became very involved with the Jewish community in Columbus. She worked as a Masa intern at OSU's Hillel, engaging and promoting Israel programs, and also as a Hebrew school tutor at Temple Israel. In addition, Rachel was a teaching artist at Columbus Children’s theatre, educating children and teens and opening up their levels of expression and imagination. Rachel also studied abroad in Jerusalem, Israel at the Rothberg International School as well as the Dance Academy.

Rachel finds great value in therapy and social activism through theatre and other forms of alternative education. Rachel recently finished a job working at a Jewish summer camp as a gardener and counselor. In her free time Rachel enjoys volunteering, exercising, spending time with family and friends, and exploring new places.

Check out her blog: A Traveling Tale: Here and There

Erica Shaps

Placement: Jerusalem, Israel with JDC-Israel, Tevet Division

Erica Shaps is serving as an Entwine Global JSC Fellow in Israel, where she will be working with Tevet on employment related issues. Erica recently graduated from Brandeis University cum laude with a double major in Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies and International & Global Studies and a minor in Peace, Conflict & Coexistence Studies. She received highest honors for her senior thesis on Christian Arab identity formation in Israel. Erica is proficient in Hebrew and Arabic. As an Interfaith Youth Core Fellow, she co-founded the Brandeis Interfaith Group (BIG) and served as Campus Relations Coordinator on Hillel Board. Most recently, she was the director of development and a co-founder of Brandeis Visions for Israel in an Evolving World (bVIEW) an initiative depolarizing campus conversations about Israel and encouraging students to be forward-thinking regarding the Middle East. While at Brandeis, Erica also served as a student career advisor at the Hiatt Career Center. She previously interned at American Jewish World Service and taught English in Israel. She is an occasional writer for the Huffington Post.

Check out her blog:

Rachel Sherman

Rachel is serving with three other Jewish Service Corps Fellows at Agahozo Shalom Youth Village (ASYV) in Rwanda, which enables vulnerable youth to realize their maximum potential by providing them with a safe and secure living environment, health care, education and necessary life skills.

Rachel Sherman is a recent graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a B.A. in international relations and global studies and a B.A. in government. Rachel has worked in diverse professional and cultural settings including with the service learning department of her university, federally with the U.S. Department of Education, and in the grassroots nonprofit sector serving international refugee youth in Austin, Texas.

In 2011, Rachel was fortunate to attend an international service retreat with the Amala Foundation in India, where she volunteered at a school in the slums of Delhi. Rachel has also conducted extensive research on international development with a focus on food security. Her senior year, she was given the opportunity to study abroad in Geneva, Switzerland, where she conducted research on the role of genetically modified organisms in international food security, which was chosen out of thirty submissions to be published on the program’s website. Rachel worked for the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity as the Research Development Coordinator through AmeriCorps VISTA.

Check out her blog: Rachel in Rwanda

Andrew Spitzberg

Placement: Sofia, Bulgaria

Andrew is serving as an Entwine Global Jewish Service Corps Fellow in Sofia, Bulgaria, where he is working on Jewish community development programs.

Andrew was born in Englewood, NJ and attended the University of Rochester, where he received a B.S. in neuroscience in May 2014. Andrew was a Teacher's Assistant helping lead workshops and tutoring students in Organic Chemistry and previously worked as a lab assistant at the University of Rochester Medical Center. Andrew was an active member in Rochester's local community raising money and recruiting volunteers through his fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon. Andrew spends his summers participating in musical theatre, leading and creating his own bands and musical projects, teaching children to play music, as well as working at the local Jewish Community Center's summer camp.

Warren Steinberg

Placement: Izmir, Turkey

Warren is serving as an Entwine JDC-BBYO Global JSC Fellow in Izmir, Turkey, where he’s working to enhance and enrich existing teen programming and youth leadership initiatives, as well as develop community-wide programs.

After graduating high school, Warren spent a gap year in Israel teaching English at an absorption center in Beersheva and volunteering in a Jerusalem kindergarden. Warren also thrived during his stay at Mechina Ein Prat Leadership Academy, learning and living communally with forty Israelis. After returning to Australia, Warren studied at the University of Melbourne School of Business and Economics, graduating with a major in Business. Warren spent his final semester studying Philosophy and Spanish at the University of Texas at Austin.

Warren is a talented footballer and leader, maintaining the role of vice captain for the Ajax Jewish Senior Football Club. Warren also coaches eleven and twelve year-olds and works with new coaches to develop their leadership skills. Warren’s love of teaching has extended to his work, successfully developing a private swim coaching business for children under the age of 6.

Warren was deeply involved with Stand Up: Jewish Commitment to a Better World as a volunteer and leader in indigenous communities. Warren is an avid traveller and enjoys the outdoors, having backpacked through India, Central Europe and North America.

Dana Urban

Placement: ASYV, Rwanda

Dana is serving with three other Jewish Service Corps Fellows at Agahozo Shalom Youth Village (ASYV) in Rwanda, which enables vulnerable youth to realize their maximum potential by providing them with a safe and secure living environment, health care, education and necessary life skills.

Dana graduated from the University of Richmond in 2014 with a B.A. in global health and a minor in biology. Dana has always been passionate about helping others, getting involved in community service at a young age. She was a Boatwright Scholar, awarding her a four year full-tuition scholarship. She was involved in many college organizations, notably the Sophomore Scholars in Residence program in Global Health, which enabled her to study healthcare in West Virginia and the Dominican Republic. She was Outreach Coordinator for University of Richmond’s Hillel, and a founding member of the Multi-Faith Student Council. Dana worked as a Speech Center Consultant, utilizing the skills she acquired as a nationally ranked high school Speech and Debate competitor to refine the public speaking skills of her peers.

Dana is also a certified Emergency Medical Technician, and a member of Tuckahoe Volunteer Rescue Squad. She spent the summer of 2012 volunteering in Peru, where she worked in the clinic of an orphanage and as physical therapy aide for special needs orphans. Dana spent Fall 2012 studying abroad on a comparative public health program, living with local families in India, China, and South Africa focusing on women's health. Dana plans to pursue a career in the clinical side of public health working with underserved populations domestically and abroad.

Check out her blog: Rwanderlust

Jeremy Weiser

Placement: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Jeremy is serving as an Entwine Global Jewish Service Corps Fellow in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, working with JDC’s Medical Director, Dr. Rick Hodes.

Jeremy Weiser graduated from Cornell University with a B.A. in Spanish and minors in International Relations and Latin American studies. At Cornell, he held various leadership positions. He was on the executive board of Challah for Hunger, led the Cornell Jazz Voices, and was house manager of his co-op. During his junior year, Jeremy spent a semester abroad in Quito, Ecuador where he studied at La Universidad de San Francisco de Quito. In his spare time, Jeremy was also an ESL tutor through the Cornell Farmworker Program, he volunteered with the Cornell Prison Education Program as a GED tutor, and was a teaching assistant in Cayuga and Auburn Correctional Facilities. In summer 2013, he worked in the Legal Asylum team at Immigration Equality, a non-profit organization that advocates for equality under immigration law for LGBTQ and HIV+ individuals. Jeremy enjoys playing tennis and playing keyboard in various university musicals. He speaks fluent Spanish and elementary French.

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