Insider Connections: Global Virtual Service

Take action on behalf of communities in need through virtual service opportunities.

Now is the time to act, connect and learn through virtual service. This year, engaging with global Jewish communities is more important than ever. Through Insider Connections: Global Virtual Service, we invite you to:


  • Act on behalf of global communities

  • Connect with teens, young adults and elderly in regions around the world

  • Learn about the history of the community you are serving and JDC’s current response to the pandemic

Sign up by October 26, 2020 to begin volunteering on November 17, 2020. Busy this month? Don’t worry! Insider Connections are here to stay. Check back soon for our next round of volunteering. In the meantime, learn more about JDC’s work.


Placement opportunities in October & November include:

Israel: Calling all Hebrew speakers- volunteer with JDC TEVET’s “Hebrew as a Second Language” (HAASL) program and connect with Arab-Israelis looking to improve their Hebrew language skills. Knowledge of Hebrew opens doors to high paying jobs and increased representation in sectors where the Israeli-Arab & Bedouin communities have been historically absent. Through Insider Connections, volunteers will practice Hebrew with a HASSL participant weekly, opening up a greater world of opportunity. Learn more about HAASL in this blog post and video.

FSU Elderly: Elderly Jews living in the Former Soviet Union are among the most vulnerable Jewish populations in the world and many of them face extreme isolation and loneliness. Volunteers with conversational Russian-language skills have a unique opportunity to join JDC’s assistance efforts in the region. Through weekly conversations, the volunteer and client can form a meaningful connection across global Jewish communities. You can wish your babushka or dedushka a weekly Shabbat Shalom and participate in JDC’s legacy of global mutual responsibility! Click here to read about how volunteering impacted a participant’s Jewish identity.

FSU Teens: A generation of teens and young adults in the Former Soviet Union are engaging in Jewish life and preparing to take on leadership roles in their communities. English speaking volunteers have a unique opportunity to build a long-lasting connection with an FSU Jewish teen and practice English conversational skills. Teens from Georgia, Siberia, Moldova and Ukraine are excited to learn with you! Click here to read about a participant experience connecting with a teen in Odesa.

Frequently Asked Questions


For Insider Connections participants matched with an elderly client, we encourage a 1-hour call per week. For Insider Connections participants matched with a teen, we encourage two 30-minute calls per week. Scheduling is mutually decided between the volunteer and match.


Most of the clients have access to phone apps such as WhatsApp, Viber or Telegram. Once a match is made, contact info and the preferred platform will be shared.


All participants attend a virtual orientation to learn about the community in which your match lives, JDC’s work in the country and an introduction to the Insider Connections process. Volunteers receive a training guide with background on the community, conversation starters and more at the end of the orientation. A month into the program, the cohort will gather for a Core Conversation to reflect on the process and discuss the value of global Jewish responsibility. Each volunteer and cohort will have an Entwine staff member overseeing the program who can be reached for support.


The sky is the limit! Matches are looking to engage with the wider world so you can discuss your family, Jewish life, interest & hobbies, food, etc. In general your match is looking to catch with someone so no pressure! The teens are particularly hoping to practice their English, so there are many ways to be creative. Part of the orientation and further connection with the Entwine point of contact is to brainstorm and prep for what these connections might look like.


The Insider connections program is aimed at assisting vulnerable populations served by JDC, namely elderly and teens. Most elderly JDC clients have had their lives severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and mandatory social distancing regulations has led many of them to experience loneliness and isolation. Through the weekly call, our volunteers offer these elderly companionship, helping them cope with this difficult time. The teens participating in Insider Connections are all active members in Jewish community, taking part in local JCC activities and youth movements. Some of the members come from low socio-economic backgrounds and are considered by JDC to be youth at-risk. For all of the members, practicing and improving their English with our volunteers is an important step in bettering their lives, increasing their odds of success in school today and in the job market in the future.

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Insider Connections: Global Virtual Service

Insider Connections: Global Virtual Service is an opportunity to virtually engage in service with a community member abroad.  JDC Entwine volunteers have unique access to help meet the social needs of JDC aid recipients in Georgia, Ukraine, Morocco and beyond, including the elderly and teens in the community. 
You can make an impact by committing to one hour of service per week for 3 months. Knowledge of other languages such as Hebrew, French or Russian is a plus! 

Important Dates 
October 16, 2020: Deadline to complete the below form to sign up for Insider Connections: Global Virtual Service
November 17, 2020: Orientation to onboard the cohort and begin virtual service 
December 15 2020: Core Conversation on Global Jewish Responsibility  
Mid-February 2020: Conclude participation
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Terms of Enrollment

About the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC): JDC works in over 70 countries to rescue Jews in danger, provide relief to those in distress, revitalize overseas Jewish communities, and help Israel overcome the social challenges of its most vulnerable citizens. JDC also provides non-sectarian emergency relief and long-term development assistance worldwide.

About JDC Entwine: Entwine is a one-of-a-kind movement for young Jewish leaders, influencers, and advocates who seek to make a meaningful impact on global Jewish needs and international humanitarian issues. We do this by offering service experiences in Jewish communities around the world, educational events and programs, and leadership development opportunities. Entwine is an initiative of JDC, the largest Jewish humanitarian organization in the world. JDC works in 70 countries, specializing in humanitarian aid, Jewish community renewal and disaster relief.