JDC Entwine's Global Seminar


Immerse yourself in the community building work of the world’s largest Jewish humanitarian aid organization

The JDC Entwine Global Seminar offers young Jews the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of JDC’s global work through service and learning. 

Engage with like-minded individuals who share a passion for community building and global engagement. The Global Seminar is a 3-5 week opportunity built to enhance your academic learning and professional development while traveling and exploring diverse cultures.



  • Jewish young adults in their 20’s-30’s, graduate students, and/or college juniors & seniors looking to supplement and diversify academic and career experiences 
  • People interested in community building and global service 
  • Emerging and rising leaders who have demonstrated interest in public service or humanitarian aid work and global Jewish causes 
  • Those with a passion for adventure, living abroad, and exploring new cultures


The Global Seminar is a 3-5 week deep dive into the work of JDC around the world. It is a powerful opportunity to travel and engage with the global Jewish community. Throughout the Global Seminar, you will gain unparalleled access to community builders and thinkers as you participate in meaningful service. Our tailor made curriculum will help you grow and develop as a leader. You will gain skills in community building, crosscultural communication, and critical thinking.

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The Marion Lemesh Fellowship is a unique, first-of-its-kind Fellowship designed to encourage and develop an interest in global affairs, local Jewish communities, and a passion for helping others. The fellowship prioritizes enhancing connections and links between Jewish communities around the world and focusing on supporting young, Jewish adults from countries outside of North America and the UK.

We have limited spots available for applicants outside of North America and the UK. This fellowship enables highly qualified, passionate, motivated international applicants to participate in this experience. Grantees will be awarded an additional subsidy of $250.

Candidates must:

  • Express a strong desire to help others
  • Be a dedicated member of their local Jewish community
  • Be proficient in English
  • Be an international applicant (from outside of North America and the UK)
  • Return home with the responsibility to educate their local community

About Marion Lemesh:

Marion Lemesh’s family has a deep connection and appreciation for JDC and its work. Marion’s father and mother, having survived the Shoah as a soldier in the Red Army and as a Partizan respectively, met in a JDC supported Displaced Person’s Camp in Austria in the aftermath of World War II. Her father had the good fortune to work for the JDC in a variety of roles including as driver and mechanic. These life-changing job opportunities helped her parents get back on their feet, and provided the necessary support to start a family. Shortly after Marion was born, the family moved to the United Kingdom to rebuild their lives.

Fiercely independent and devoted to the care of those she loved, she lived a life of the values which she most represented: a commitment to education, both religious and secular, personal responsibility and freedom, travel, and tzedakah.

The Fellowship endowed in memory of Marion Lemesh is designed to strengthen links between communities around the world by providing young adults the experience to travel, learn and explore the world in an impactful and meaningful way.