Global Shabbat Alumni Coaches

Meet Entwine’s Alumni Volunteer Shabbat Coaches.

Analucía Lopezrevoredo (Bay Area)

Inspired by the dynamic world in which she lives, Analucía is an explorer, gastrodiplomat, social worker, and global Jewish community activist and enthusiast. As the current Manager for OneTable in the Bay Area, she is on a mission to engage more Jewish young adults in unique and transformative Friday night Shabbat dinner experiences. A member of San Francisco’s JDC Entwine Planning Group, Analucía has travelled with Entwine to Haiti and has chaired a number of city events including: Cuba in Focus, Experience 100, and A Taste of Sefarad.

A Sephardic Jew-tina born in Lima, Peru, her passion for the Jewish diaspora is personal and profound. Analucía is fluent in Spanish, English, Italian, and Ladino, and jumps at the opportunity to learn new languages.

Analucía’s ideal Shabbat dinner: on the moon, and she would invite Elf (as in Will Ferrell’s character…)


Lizzy Solovey (Baltimore)

Lizzy teaches High School English at Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community High School in Baltimore, MD. As a Russian immigrant, Lizzy pursued the opportunity to reconnect with her roots through JDC Entwine. In 2012, she traveled to Ukraine with her peers from Hillel to understand how different her life could have been if her family had stayed in the Former Soviet Union and discovered how grateful she felt to have the opportunities and religious freedom available in the United States. Three years later, she flew to Argentina on the first-ever Russian-speaking trip for Jewish young adults (RSJ) and consequently felt inspired to take responsibility for strengthening the RSJ community in Baltimore. Through several initiatives, including becoming a JDC Entwine event co-chair, a Moishe House Without Walls Host, and a volunteer leader with Jewish Volunteer Connection, Lizzy has developed meaningful programming to engage RSJs in the greater Jewish community. She hopes to follow her passion and continue this work as an RSJ trip chair in 2017.

Lizzy’s ideal Shabbat dinner: in the Great Hall of Hogwarts, listening as Dumbledore delivered the D’var Torah at her table.