Community Representatives


JDC Entwine's Community Representatives are a group of volunteer leaders responsible for bringing global Jewish causes to their local communities.

The Community Representatives (Community Reps) program is a JDC Entwine nine-month leadership development program for emerging lay leaders.

As ambassadors of JDC Entwine, Community Reps are empowered and equipped to use Entwine’s platform as a vehicle for developing their leadership skills and bringing awareness and connection about global Jewish causes to their local communities.

The Community Reps program is supported in part by Genesis Philanthropy Group and Repair the World.


  • Alumni of Entwine experiences who have demonstrated their leadership capacity and commitment to global Jewish responsibility.
  • Friendly, movers and shakers, who are interested in connecting and bringing people together.
  • Comfortable speaking in public about global Jewish causes.


  • As ambassadors, Community Reps are called upon to share Entwine’s work publicly, including speaking on Entwine’s behalf, planning programs, and engaging in conversation with potential program participants, alumni, and at events.
  • As advisers, Community Reps are asked to keep their finger on the pulse of their local communities and share relevant insights as it relates to Entwine’s offerings.


JDC Entwine supports Community Reps personal and professional development as lay leaders by providing them with:

  • Opportunities to engage in relevant issues related to the global Jewish community.
  • Financial support in planning and implementing programs in their local communities (Community Reps receive a $500 stipend for their service).
  • Skills-based trainings (both in-person and virtually; if travel is possible this will include a weekend retreat).
  • Coaching from an Entwine staff member.
  • Access to a new interactive online platform designed to enhance their leadership development and build their knowledge around global causes and current events.
  • A national network of lay leaders committed to global Jewish causes.


  • Alumni from the following programs: Insider Trips, Insider Connections, Jewish Service Corps Fellowship and Weitzman-JDC HUC Fellowship  
  • Demonstrated commitment to the global Jewish community (track record of engagement during and post Entwine experience)
  • Seeking leadership in the Jewish community
  • Prioritizing personal and professional development (Reps need to be motivated and driven to develop their leadership)
  • Currently located in: Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, Detroit, San Francisco




Important Dates


  • Term Begins: April 1, 2021
  • Orientation: April 18, 2021 (LA and DC) & May 2, 2021 (SF, NY and Detroit)
  • Webinars: April 28, 2021,  July 28, 2021, December 8, 2021
  • Workshop/Retreat: July 9-11 **If we are unable to run this retreat in person, we will move the date to the Fall (see below for alternate date option)**
  • Entwine Events: September 13 (NY + LA), September 20 (SF, DC + Detroit)
  • Workshop/Retreat: October 8-10, 2021
  • Term Ends: December 31, 2021


Meet Entwine’s 2020 Community Reps

Abby Kolker

Washington, DC

Alex Banker

Lake Oswego, OR

Allen Meyerovich

Brooklyn, NY

Alyssa Shaw

Lake Oswego, OR

Ana Omelchuk

Ramat Gan, Israel

Caroline Sagalchik

Alexandria, VA

Danielle Klebanov

San Francisco, CA

Dmitriy Krasny

New York, NY

Elad Shoshan

Tel Aviv, Israel

Hannah Jeffrey

Hermosa Beach, CA

Jared Bierbach

Washington, DC

Jeremy Wood

Seattle, WA

Jessica Siskin

New York, NY

Lauren Ross

Los Angeles, CA

Lauren Zeid

Berkley, MI

Lindsey Newman

San Francisco, CA

Lisa Fierstein

Brooklyn, NY

Lisa Lebovitz

Brookhaven, GA

Maris Krauss

New York, NY

Marit Doshi

Berkeley, CA

Matthew Alfasso

San Francisco, CA

Matthew Nouriel

West Hollywood, CA

Maya Nadison

N. Bethesda, MD

Molly Kazan

Chicago, IL

Nicole Reich

Royal Oak, MI

Olivia Zieve

Seattle, WA

Renee Liberman

Royal Oak, MI

Roey Shoshan

Atlanta, GA

Sarah Herman

Playa del Rey, CA

Stefanie Groner

Chicago, IL

Talya Friedman

Brooklyn, NY

Tamar Gaffin-Cahn

Boston, MA