Films from the Field Toolkit

The Impact of Communism: Cuba

This toolkit takes us into the heart of Cuba and showcases the challenges and experiences of this remarkable country. What are the implications for individual life and creativity when one is restricted? And what are the challenges for a Jewish community to live in this context? The film, along with commentary by JDC expert Will Recant allows us to step onto this island country and imagine what life is like for an average Cuban Jew.

Culture and Resilience: European Displaced Persons Camps & the Soviet Union

This toolkit pairs two unique stories of how Jews have used artistic creativity to cope with tragedy and oppression. When the world is collapsing, how do we use culture to build resilience and deal with the impossible? JDC aims to address the needs of the whole person – from the physical to the cultural. These films show how violins and Purim celebrations can aid those in the most trying of circumstances – and how their souvenirs and memories can inspire future generations.
**This set of films has limited viewing capacity and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis

Modern Jewish Identity in Europe: Poland, Hungary, and France

This toolkit examines the diverse range of challenges experienced by young Jews throughout Europe. As Jewish communities in Europe face the 21st century, what will the future bring? Each of these films focuses on a specific community and its own unique story. These films collectively display the tragic and triumphant moments of the modern Jewish European experience.
**This set of films has limited viewing capacity and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis

Complexities of Humanitarian Intervention: Ethiopia

This toolkit paints a broad picture of many of the challenges experienced in Ethiopia – from the rescue of its beleaguered Jewish community to its present day challenges with illness and poverty. These films show how the actions of courageous and ambitious individuals can cause ripple effects and alter countless lives for the better.