India Experience with Gabriel Project Mumbai

During this two to three-week immersive program, Entwine India Experience participants will explore Mumbai and experience first-hand the innovative educational programs being implemented by our partner Gabriel Project Mumbai (GPM) in the Kalwa slums. 

Plus, experience India’s diverse culture and Hindu, Muslim and Jewish traditions though sampling traditional cuisine and visiting historical sites and get to know the Jewish community of Mumbai through visits to various community institutions. 

About Gabriel Project Mumbai (GPM): GPM is a local Indian NGO caring for thousands of vulnerable children, in the slums and poor rural villages, through education, hygiene, nutrition and medical programs. GPM works in collaboration with local grass-roots organizations, women’s empowerment groups, the business community and the Indian Jewish community. JDC partners with GPM locally to connect the Indian Jewish community to the Jewish value of Tikkun Olam and empower them to take responsibility for the world around them.

Learn more about Gabriel Project Mumbai.

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