The Ralph I. Goldman Fellowship in Global Jewish Leadership

Applications for the 2016 Ralph. I Goldman Fellowship are now open. Click here to apply now.

“There is a single Jewish world: intertwined, interconnected”

—JDC honorary executive vice president Ralph I. Goldman

Are you the one?

The Ralph I. Goldman Fellowship is JDC’s premiere leadership opportunity, awarded to one person annually, for young Jewish thinkers and doers -- writers, artists, policy shapers, business innovators, and community builders.

The fellowship is a paid, professional opportunity to live and work in several overseas locations where JDC is active, providing an inside look at JDC’s global operations though individualized assignments.

Each fellow works with JDC staff to identify and design their unique overseas placements, shaped by their skills, interests, and critical needs of communities overseas. 

Qualifications include:

  • Professional achievement in the candidate's chosen career
  • Demonstrated exceptional leadership and communication skills
  • Strong interest in international Jewish affairs and public service
  • Knowledge of foreign language(s) is a plus but not a requirement
  • Formal and/or informal Jewish education is a plus but not a requirement
  • Bachelor's degree and proven academic excellence. Master's degree a plus but not a requirement.

Download our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Sheet here

Read dispatches from 2014 RIG Fellow Adam Steinberg in the Philippines here

Applications for the 2016 Ralph. I Goldman Fellowship are now closed. Check back to see updates from our current fellow, and to find out when the application period for the 2017 fellowship begins.


Eliran Douenias

Eliran Douenias holds a combined Bachelor’s Degree in social science, Psychology, Criminology and Sociology, a certificate in human resources management and a Master’s Degree in Law from Bar Ilan University.

Eliran served as an officer in the IDF for 7 years, both taking on leadership roles in the IDF evaluation unit and participating in several delegations to North America and Europe to facilitate the conscription of new immigrants to the IDF.

In 2012, Eliran co-founded the organization, Olam, a social enterprise that identifies needs, provides innovative solutions, and promotes ethical goals in the Israeli society. In 2013, Eliran was selected to participate in Kriat Kivun, a unique program of the Prime Minister’s Office for young leaders in the public sector. In 2014, Eliran was appointed as Vice Chairman of Youth Division for The Israel Communication & Press Association. Eliran is engaged in Israel advocacy worldwide and led Young Ambassadors delegations to the UN Headquarters in NY and to parliament houses in several states. Eliran also collaborated with partners in the Ministry of Education to create a digital interactive tool for high school students interested in pursuing a career in diplomacy. This joint program is now taking on an integral role in the Israeli education system.

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