Entwine staff are dedicated to JDC's mission and the value of Jewish collective responsibility.

We are a diverse bunch - get to know us!

Sarah Eisenman, Executive Director

Naomi Sage, Managing Director, Program and Organizational Development

Evan Rosenstock, Budget Director

Andrea Kovalsky, Resource Development Manager

Sara Glazer, Director of Planning and Evaluation

Talya Greenspoon, Director, Brand Marketing & Strategy

Miriam Bader, Leadership Development Designer

Joshua Mikutis, Jewish Learning Designer

Andrew Belinfante, Director, Engagement

Georgina Bye, UK Community Manager

Elizabeth Kurtis, West Coast Community Manager

Jamie Fleishman, East Coast Community Manager

Arielle Sokoloff, Partnership Manager

Oleg Ivanov, Project Coordinator, RSJ Initiative

Molly Paul, Northwest Community Manager

Shaun Hoffman, Director, Global Operations

Leba Faigen, Deputy Director, Global Operations

Jenette Axelrod, Operations Manager (Latin America & GRID Programs)

Shachar Beer, Operations Manager (Israel & FSU Programs)

Yael Zaken, Operations Manager (Africa, Asia & Europe Programs)

Ellie Carr, Executive Coordinator

Naomi Levin, Operations Coordinator

Shawna Dolinka, Operations Coordinator

Beckie Hamroff, Operations Coordinator

Sofia Parody, Operations Coordinator

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