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Multi-Week Global Jewish Service Corps | TURKEY

Plan and facilitate a summer day camp for the local Turkish Jewish community on the Prince Island of Buyakada.

About JDC in Turkey

Turkey is traditionally is a secular, western-leaning country bridging Europe and Asia, however in recent years has recently raised it's profile in the Arab world. It's stronger than expected growth and sharp recovery from the effects of the global recession have helped make it the region's top economic performer, reinforcing its ascent. The Turkish Jewish community, a minority in the country for centuries, continues to enjoy long-established good relations with the government. It has a deeply ingrained tradition of self-sufficiency, and a highly developed system of communal institutions. The prosperity traditionally enjoyed by the community has declined in recent years, and rising costs—especially for security measures—have further taxed its resources. With many Jewish-owned businesses hurt by global competition, the community continues to face financial challenges despite the country's economic rebound. JDC works in several community capacities. The JDC focuses on helping the community provide the best welfare services for the elderly and most vulnerable, and provide a network to engage the community with others across Europe. The JDC also trains its professional and volunteer leadership in all areas of Jewish community service work, from JCC programming to operating Jewish old age homes. Additionally, the JDC focusing on Jewish content and Jewish identity building for the Jewish school, the Jewish youth clubs and support programming for Jewish young adults.

Volunteer Placement

Together with Turkish Jewish madrichim (counselors), Fellows plan an intimate Jeiwsh day camp for Turkish Jewish children ages 7-12 on the Prince Island of Buyukada and engage with the local Jewish community. Fellows are responsible for developing the summer camp and carrying out day-to-day camp activities including art, sports, music and informal Jewish education.

*JDC Global Leadership Grants JDC does not want the cost of the program to prevent your participation. If you are unable to contribute the full participation fee, we encourage you to apply for a JDC Global Leadership Grant (see JDC Global Leadership Grant section of online application). JDC willaward JDC Global Leadership Grants to a select number of participants on an as-need basis. Your decision to apply for a JDC Global Leadership Grant will not impact selection decisions. Beyond applying for a JDC Global Leadership Grant, we also encourage you to fundraise to cover the cost of your participation. We are happy to provide guidance as you reach out to friends and family to seek donations for this worthwhile experience.

Program Dates:
July 11 – August 6th, 2016

Application Deadline:
April 18, 2016

Program Breakdown
Week 1: Camp Planning
Weeks 2-4: Camp!

Desired Qualifications:
• Experience collaborating and working in a team
• Highly flexible, good communication skills and ability to adapt
• Passion for connecting with the global Jewish community
• Experience working as madrich (counselor) at Jewish summer camp
• Experience in formal and/or informal Jewish education
• Experience working with children

Participation Fee: $1,000 (Global Leadership Grants available)*
This includes:

• Comprehensive health and emergency medical evacuation insurance
• Accommodations
• Breakfast and Lunch during camp planning and camp days

This does not include:
• Visa
• Dinners during the week and meals on weekends
• Local transportation
• Personal expenses

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