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Multi-Week Global Jewish Service Corps

The JDC Entwine Multi-Week Global Jewish Service Corps (JSC) fellowship is an opportunity to connect with overseas communities through an immersive volunteer experience for three to eight weeks.

Multi-Week Global JSC fellows work with local partners and experts in the field to develop and implement programs that address critical global issues. The program is ideal for recent college graduates, students with long breaks, or young professionals who are seeking a meaningful experience while engaging in service through a Jewish lens. The Multi-Week program runs four times a year with sessions during winter, spring, summer and fall.

Summer 2016 multi-week JSC

Applications are now open for the following opportunities:

Application Deadline:
April 18, 2016

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The applications for the Multi-Week Jewish Service Corps - Summer 2016 session is now open!
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Multi-Week Jewish Service Corps faq

⊕ What is the JDC Entwine Multi-Week Global Jewish Service Corps Fellowship?

The JDC Entwine Multi-Week Global Jewish Service Corps (JSC) Fellowship is an opportunity for young adults ( on average ages 18 – 35) to serve with the world’s largest Jewish humanitarian aid organization through an immersive volunteer experience for three to eight weeks.

⊕ Where do Multi-Week JSC Fellows serve?

JDC works in over 70 countries around the world, and placements include working in overseas Diaspora Jewish communities, countries where JDC has non-sectarian projects or in Israel.

Multi-Week Fellows have served in India, Israel, Turkey, Eastern Europe and more! Check http://www.jdcentwine.org/jsc-multiweek for the current list of placements we are accepting applications for.

⊕ How long is the Multi-Week JSC program?

All Multi-Week placements range from three to eight weeks depending on the location and the time of year.

⊕ I can’t join for the entire duration of the program dates. Can I still participate?

We require Multi-Week JSC participants to commit to the entire length of the program.

⊕ What are the application requirements?

The application includes an online form with a few short answer question, resume and personal information. Please visit http://www.jdcentwine.org/jsc-multiweek to access the application.

⊕ What does the interview process entail? When do interviews take place?

Check our website for upcoming application deadlines. Applicants will be notified within one week of the application deadline if they were selected to advance to the next step in the interview process.

If selected, we will schedule a Skype interview with you and a JDC Entwine staff member. Once the interview is completed, you will be notified within whether or not you were selected to be a Multi-Week JSC Fellow.

⊕ I cannot afford the full cost of the trip. What kinds of subsidies are available?

*JDC Global Leadership Grants are provided on an as-needed basis and you can apply for a grant on the online application. Note that no full subsidies are available.

⊕ I still have more questions. Can I speak with someone?

Of course! We would be happy to schedule time to speak with you further. Please be in touch with Naomi.Levin@jdc.org to coordinate.