Sponsoring Teen Clubs in Ukraine

After spending a year in Ukraine, I have realized how lucky I was to grow up in a Jewish youth group and at a Jewish summer camp in North America. Those experiences helped me grow as an individual. Ukraine does not have the same opportunities for Jewish youth and teenagers, but one of the greatest successes of the past year was building a teen program in Kharkov, Ukraine that has an active membership of over 40 teenagers and creating a partnership with BBYO.

Our teenagers have never felt more connected to Jewish global peoplehood. The goal this year is to forge an even stronger bond throughout Ukraine to Jews around the world by offering seminars and shabbatons while also developing the future leaders of this wonderful Jewish community.


(that's me in maroon in Ukraine)

Since the average annual income in Ukraine is much lower than that of North Americans, charging full price for a seminar is unaffordable for most families. Therefore, for only $100 you can sponsor a future leader of the Jewish community to attend a life changing Jewish experience. Of course, any size donation will go a long way in developing a strong teen program throughout Ukraine.

Thank you for your support,

Ezra Moses

JDC Entwine Global Jewish Service Corps Fellow in Ukraine


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