Entwine Campus Initiative

The Entwine Campus Initiative was started by a group of Tufts University students upon their return to campus from a JDC Insider Trip. They felt so inspired and impacted by JDC’s work overseas that they decided to create a way to remain involved with JDC on campus and to spread awareness about global Jewish issues to their peers.

Since then, the Entwine Campus Initiative has taken root on campuses around the country.

The mission of the Entwine Campus Initiative is three-pronged:

  • Awareness: Raising awareness in and around the campus community about contemporary global Jewish issues and JDC’s response as well as providing opportunities, through JDC Insider Trips, to travel to countries where JDC operates and experience these issues first-hand.
  • Outreach: Creating avenues to involve new and diverse groups of students in addressing global Jewish issues and exposing students to opportunities to continue their activism both during and after college.
  • Building Global Jewish Leadership: Fostering a generation of young Jewish leaders who will take action on behalf of global Jewish issues both in their campus communities and beyond.

Check out our newest Campus Initiaitive at University of Maryland, JDCU at UMD!

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